The Cumra – Erentepe Dairy Farm was founded by Pangev Incorparated and its subsidiaries are The Anatolian Union Holding and Konya Sugar Companies. The construction of Cumra Erentepe Dairy Farm was completed in 2016.

The dairy farm will start to operate soon. It is important that the farm, founded to produce milk, sets an example in stockbreeding for the producers and increases agricultural product variety in the region. Milk producing cows, which are typically found in that particular region, are selected for the dairy farm, which will be free of disease.

Investing large amounts in stockbreeding, the secondary sector, which supports the main field of operation mostly, Konya Sugar is one of the fastest developing institutions in meat and milk stockbreeding in Turkey.

Konya Sugar carries out its stockbreeding activities in 7 separate ranches with Cumra - Erentepe Dairy Farm, which was completed in 2016. At these ranches:

Sugar Dairy Farming containing breeds for dairy farming was founded in 2006. Breed stocks with high milk productivity are bred at the ranch. In addition, it is aimed to improve the stocks in the region and Turkey through the transfer of embryos. These embryos will be produced from male and female animals with a high pedigree in high milk-meat productivity with the embryo production center, established at this facility.

Founded to raise meat stocks with high efficiency in 2010, the capacity of The Tasagil breeding farm is 4860 bovines. The capacity of the breeding farm has been increased to 15.000 bovines with the new investments and it continues its breeding operations at full capacity.

Established to raise Anguses for breeding in a natural habitat, Aslim Breeding Farm for Anguses, which started to operate in 2013, was founded on a 6 million square meter area. Anguses, born and raised in the ranch, are used as breeding bulls by being sent to Eastern Anatolia in line with a project of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

In addition, activities for adaptation of anguses to regions and some other activities to minimize the cost of feeding have been carried out at different altitudes and in different areas. Positive results have been achieved.

The Gocu Ranch, which began its activities in 2013, has a low capacity and various feeding trials are conducted to raise the livestock in a better way at the ranch and successful formulas at the end of the trials are also applied at the other breeding farms.

Another ranch model of Konya Sugar is Calf Nursery. Called “Cattlebank” due to the model obtained among breeders, applied at our ranch, the bovines at our ranch belong to the breeders and it is a model project, which aims high efficiency through collective care.

Konya Sugar continues to support stockbreeding, which is its most important secondary sector, with The Cumra Erentepe Dairy Farm, established by Pangev Inc